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6/6/18 Day 318 AT Day 78: Night Hike to creek campsite to Sam Moore Shelter

Miles: 10.1 Steps: 21,703 Elevation Gain: 2,566 feet A big day with a night hike yesterday leads directly to a very short day, haha. Oh well, good times. The “Roller Coaster” started today; a small protected area for the trail causes it to climb and descend more than usual. Honestly? Really not too bad at all... Had some ambitions of doing bigger miles but in the end opted to hang out at a beautiful shelter and campsite. Hung out with Ditch, Trenchfoot, Murph, Taylor, and some others of course as well. We passed the 1,000 mile marker today! For me I’m up over 4,000 miles at this point, but still cool to surpass a big milestone along the AT!

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