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6/5/18 Day 317 AT Day 77: Mountain Home B & B (Front Royal, VA) to Night Hike to creek campsite

Miles: 24.3 Steps: 50,717 Elevation Gain: 4,495 feet Big day out of the cabin! A tasty breakfast was included with the bed. That was more than pleasantly enjoyed to say the least! Awesome place, had such an amazing stay! But of course, one must

carry on. One of the shelters today had a big Horseshoe game set up and even a solar shower. Lots of big donations around this part of the trail I guess! Tried to do a big day today and got to a place we all wanted to stop but there was no camping for quite a few miles. Taylor, Murph, and I hiked into the night. Hot day brought plenty of bugs attracted to the headlamps: not ideal. Oh well, after a bit we found the campsite and settled in. Trenchfoot caught up and it was great to see him. We hung out and drank the remaining wine from the night before. Good times again, as always seems to be the case out here on the AT!

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