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6/4/18 Day 316 AT Day 76:  Shenandoah National Park!  Park #15!!!!! Gravel Springs Hut to Mountain H

Miles: 14.6 Steps: 35,482 Elevation Gain: 2,389 feet Another amazing day! Saw an absolutely enormous Black Bear, largest I’ve ever seen, right at the National Park Boundary. The Shenandoah National Park was beautiful, but wow the trail stays so closely to the road! You cross it a ton of times each day and it always seems like you can hear traffic. Not a huge deal, but I’d rather have the AT on a lower route or something to stay away from the Road. All of the wayside and views and restaurants were pretty amazing though, don’t get me wrong! Destination today was a tiny cabin B and B that held 7 or 8 people. Great spot and very lucky to share it with some great folks: Makin’ it, Rex, Trenchfoot, Taylor, Murph, and a guy who has hiked the AT a bunch of times but I can’t recall his name... Great time in town too, doing the normal things: eat food, resupply, eat more food. We drank some sweet boxed wine to celebrate the evening with our cabin mates. We even developed a call to one another which was kind of a Gregorian chant kind of thing. I wish I. Like write it out here, but I’m not sure how. Such good times!

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