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6/3/18 Day 315 AT Day 75:  Shenandoah National Park!  Park #15!!!!!  Pass Mountain Hut to Gravel Spr

Miles: 15.9 Steps: 32,055 Elevation Gain: 2,898 feet

One last full day in Shenandoah National Park! Another wet day on the trail. Not so much horrible rain, but enough to know it’s for sure raining. Apparently May was a record wet month in a bunch of places in VA this year: lucky us! These east coast mountains are full of rain. So much amazing green because of it! Camped with an ATC ridgerunner tonight who was a nice guy. For some reason his presence brought out a quirky side of me and I talked about all sorts of ridiculous things. Nice to camp again with Trenchfoot. Also met a new hiker, ahh frustrated that I can’t think of his name.... you were cool though. Thanks for sharing!

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