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6/2/18 Day 314 AT Day 74:  Shenandoah National Park!  Park #15!!!!!  Skyland Resort to Pass Mountain

Miles: 11.7 Steps: 28,860 Elevation Gain: 2,308 feet Another amazing day! Started off by hanging out in the cabin until 11am, why not enjoy things to their fullest when you can sometimes? Grabbed a bit more food then started hiking. Beautiful vistas today, a mostly non-rainy day. A huge Black Bear in the trail Taylor and I saw. We heard some hikers coming from the other direction and kind of got scared the bear would feel threatened in the middle of us so I started yelling loudly and the bear didn’t really care at all, but finally moved after 20 seconds or so; not the most reassuring! Great Trail Magic today! I stopped at one shelter and there was a large group of folks from Korea having lunch. They hooked me up with some of this multiple meat tons of veggies ramen that was super tasty. There was also a case of beer and a case of soda and some snacks left in the shelter with a note explaining to help yourself. Thank you so much! Camped with some great folks tonight. Makin’ It and Rex were a super cool couple from Seattle to talk to. Also Lumber was quite an experienced hiker and great to talk to. Met another great guy Trenchfoot, also great to talk to. So many nice people! Unsurprisingly, it rained much of the night...

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