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5/31/18 Day 312 AT Day 72:  Shenandoah National Park!  Park #15!!!!!  Bearfence Mountain Hut to Skyl

Miles: 18.9 Steps: 42,460 Elevation Gain: 3,584 feet I need to make some comments about last night: INSANE RAIN! Crazier than I’ve ever seen by quite a bit, even. It started raining soon after arriving at the shelter, quite hard as well. We checked on our tents as we ate and a couple of people ended up taking them down as the rain was really hard so why not sleep in the shelter? Then at 1:30am the rain got soooo LOUD! For a really long time, too. Enough time for a new stream to start flowing beneath my tent floor. This worried me a bit but I wasn’t getting horribly wet, thankfully. I was holding one side of the tent up though, hoping the new stream wouldn’t flow directly IN my tent. Please stay below, I thought. Haha. Eventually the rain calmed down a bit enough for me to be confident the stream wouldn’t infiltrate my tent. In the morning there were new streams everywhere. This was an interesting taste of what flooding really looks like. A couple of hikers ended up losing some gear due to the new streams washing away things under their tents. Crazy! Flooding is incredibly powerful. Glad all I ended up with was a bunch of wet gear! Moving on from that, today was Another amazing day through Shenandoah National Park! Saw a bear which was cool. The bear and myself kind of surprised each other and the bear just ran away, similar to me kind of running away down the trail. Neither of us really wants anything to do with the other; a proper encounter. More rain was in the forecast so I split a cabin in the park with Butter, Murph, and Taylor. We ate at the restaurant/brew pub and though the live music wasn’t very good, let’s just say it was quite amusing. Enjoyed those festivities with those mentioned before and Beaver, Savage, Godfather, oh and a couple people I’m forgetting sadly! Good times were had by all!

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