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5/30/18 Day 311 AT Day 71:  Shenandoah National Park!  Park #15!!!!!  Hightop Hut to Bearfence Mount

Miles: 17.6 Steps: 31,703 Elevation Gain: 3,058 feet Wow, what a day! Rain rain Rain, a store, then a brief hike and sooo much more rain! A bit of rain last night became a ton of rain this morning. Walking through the fog, the rain, the muck. Not the most appealing thing in the world, but also kind of fun in an adventurous, comical how rainy it is kind of way. The saving grace? A camp store! Beer, soda, microwaveable food, what else do you really need? Benches to sit on that are dry and rain protected? Check. Showers and even laundry? Both of those, too! I stayed there and took advantage of everything mentioned above. A lot of other hikers came and we all enjoyed the small camp store quite a bit! The rain stopped and myself and Beaver eventually decided to make a run for the shelter. And we were glad that we did! As soon as we set up our shelters it started POURING! Insane amounts of rain. I half expected this and set up my tent in what I thought would be the best spot for the rain. I hung out at the shelter eating dinner and hanging out, all of us pretty amazed at the quantity of water falling from the sky. I eventually retired to my tent, in the rain, of course. Going to be a long night....

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