5/25/18 Day 306 AT Day 66:  Maupin Field Shelter to Paul Wolfe Shelter

Miles: 18.7 Steps: 40,727 Elevation Gain: 3,341 Another amazing day! (I know, still so repetitive out here, but it’s amazing, for real!) Had some fun times hiking with Murph and Butter and Taylor. Lots of viewpoints were enjoyed, a fun side trip to a camping area for water. Humpback Rocks sticks out as a favorite on this section which follows the Blue Ridge Parkway pretty closely. Beautiful shelter setting: big beautifully made shelter (which oddly no one slept in!), a roaring stream to provide some ambient noise, lots of tent spaces, and a beautiful view. Thanks so much to everyone who creates such idyllic settings like this, it’s truly appreciated! Fun to hang out with Godfather at the shelter, too, he’s a cool guy!

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