5/24/18 Day 305 AT Day 65:  Spy Rock to Maupin Field Shelter

Miles: 19.1 Steps: 44,918 Elevation Gain: 5,258 Another amazing day! Should I change my trail name to whirlwhimsical? A combination of Whirlwind and Whimsical. I’m kidding, but I just made up a word: that’s fun! Woke up early for sunrise atop Spy Rock: beautiful but kind of cold and so early, haha. Whatever, left camp early as a result but ended up doing a relatively short day in the end. A day full of contradictions I suppose. The Priest Shelter logbook was quite a highlight today. Hikers confess their sins to the priest, of course. I won’t repeat my confession, but it had something to do with my gross black big toenails.... Beautiful views from the mountaintop, as usual. Then a huge downhill to a river where I ate lunch with Taylor and Murph. It’s been great hiking with them for quite a while now! Next up was a huge 3,000 foot climb over Three Ridges. It was hot and humid, but the climb had some beautiful viewpoints and rewarding views for sure. I did really want to check out the blue blaze trail along a stream and waterfall, but decided on the big climb instead. Maybe next time, I guess?? At the shelter the register had lots of talk of snakes, but we didn’t see any...

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