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5/23/18 Day 304 AT Day 64: Brown Mountain Creek Shelter to Spy Rock

Miles: 20.1 Steps: 44,721 Elevation Gain: 6,222 feet Another amazing day! Woke up to no flooding and started pretty early up the trail. Some big climbs today and beautiful scenery. Cool Bald mountains (Bald due to mowing), beautiful open meadows. Had a great break with Beaver and some others in one open meadow. We decided to move on to dry things out, but there was really nowhere to go! I led the pack and eventually stopped at a viewpoint called Wolf Rocks. Wolf Rocks was incredible! A short scramble was required but the view was breathtaking. I could picture wolves howling on top and imagined that’s where the name came from. Ended up camping at Spy Rock with Shepard, Akuna, Mumbles, Taylor, Murph, and some local nursing school students. Spy rock was tremendous. Enjoyed a beautiful sunset on top. This view also required a slightly sketchy scramble but was really great fun overall! Ahh, sure do love the AT for oh so many reasons!

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