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5/21/18 Day 302 AT Day 62: Glasgow Shelter to A Shelter just Outside of town

Miles: 5 Steps: 13,238 Elevation Gain: Not Sure feet Two month AT Traileversary! 62 fine days in paradise. Really can’t emphasize enough how sweet the AT Hiker Shelter is in Glasgow. Private, space for 12 in the shelter and tons of space for tenting, nice fire pit, 3 picnic tables, shower, port o potties. Store across the street. Truly wish every Hiker town had this setup. Thank you so much! Most other hikers left in the morning but my feet are a bit messed up from all the moisture lately so I decided to continue to hang out. Cleaned up around the shelter a bit, got a few items from the store, and sat in the shade. Haha, that is to say I essentially did nothing. A few hikers came in and I hung out with them, a normal day. I was texting with Murph and Taylor who had just spent a few days with Murph’s parents and they were going to come pick me up and bring me back to the trail! Yay! Thanks so much! Awesome to see the two of them. I really enjoy Taylor’s quiet sense of humor and Murph is smart and talkative so we are always chatterboxes together. We hung out on the James Ricer bridge and went to a waterfall which was pretty cool, then recrossed the bridge, said goodbye to a Murph’s parents and hit the trail! We were quickly distracted. Heat and humidity, oh my! We walked several hundred yards, crossed a stream on a bridge and quickly decided to get in the water. We hung out for hours soaking our feet and semi-swimming. I was the only one who went all the way under though. Great to catch up and just hang out, We walked about a mile farther and called it quits for the day. We set up our respective shelters and hung out. Listened to some music, some podcasts, cooked dinner. I showed Murph much of the contents of my pack and asked her for recommendations for what I could send home... there’s so much!!! Haha, that’s why they call me Deluxe out here... she seemed somewhat amused and somewhat appalled at all of the items I’m carrying. Honestly, she’s right. I’m going to be sending some things home at the next town stop for sure. And now I’m in my tent and it’s pouring down rain, super hard. Thunder, lightning, crazy pouring, the works. I find it less scary when there are a bunch of people around. And there’s at least 10 or so here tonight. So freaking much huge rain lately, insane!

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