5/20/18 Day 301 AT Day 61: Thunder Hill Shelter to Glasgow Shelter

Miles: 15.1 Steps: 34,431 Elevation Gain: 2,247 feet The sun cane out on this glorious day! Wasn’t sure I’d ever see it again! And it’s hot. I feel so sticky and itchy! My feet got all tore up by all the rain and wet shoes. Heel is a bit raw. Cool hike with a legit ford at the Shelter just before town. Definitely only that way with the huge amount of rain we’ve gotten. Got a ride from a cool guy in the parking lot Trailhead just past the super long foot bridge across a brown and swollen James River. This town, Glasgow, VA, is sweet! There’s an AT style shelter right in town with outlets, microwave, tent sites, shower (with hot water) and two stores right across the street. And lots of people I haven’t seen in a long time! Yes!!!! So much fun! Tried to fix my poles, but broke them pretty badly, one is pretty much non functional. Some people I never met brought hot dogs and hamburgers and left beer even, too. What? Yup, it’s real here, and I love it! Someone gave me an amazing slice of pizza too, thank you!

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