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5/19/18 Day 300 AT Day 60: Thunder on Thunder Ridge: What Luck!

Miles: 18.9 Steps: 39,331 Elevation Gain: 6,360 feet It was pouring all night, so it makes sense that it’d be pouring very hard when I woke up! I went back to sleep. It died down so I got up and packed up, on the trail just before 9am. It sounds like there’s a freaking Tornado Outside! Not sure what to do! Haha. Although it didn’t “rain” per say today, it was insanely wet and 100% humidity and almost maybe “splashy”? Bizarre. Real rain came at dark. Thunder on Thunder Ridge! Big elevation gain on today’s hike. Beautiful climbing big mountains all day! Camping with a full shelter (8 in a capacity 6 Shelter), a few tents, and a bear box this evening. And quite a nice and fancy privy as well!

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