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5/18/18 Day 299 AT Day 59: SO MUCH RAIN (and chafing, sadly)

Miles: 16.6 Steps: 32,052 Elevation Gain: 2,562 feet Another great day. Did it pour rain? Yes. Lots and lots? Yup. Did I chafe to the point of not being able to walk even close to normal gait or speed? Sad to admit: yes. Was it still a great day? Absolutely! So much green. The temperature was warm, so at least I wasn’t getting super cold in the rain. Streams were running high. One in particular at the shelter I ate lunch at was just gorgeous and the sound really added ambiance to my flatbread with cheese and tuna meal. Camped again with Mapman and his wife. They’re really interesting to talk to. Nice to camp with them two nights in a row (but it’s only us!) Ion, Kotn, and Lody did stop by which was nice. Amazingly, they left after it started pouring again. It poured so hard! All night! And all day. 2nd full day in a row! Kind of insane. I still stayed warm though, but sleeping bag is definitely pretty wet from the ambient air as are my clothes I wore all day, backpack is soaked and there’s just a general soak and mildew to kind of everything. Kind of scary, but also kind of awesome too. Some huge front that’s supposed to continue too!

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