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5/17/18 Day 298 AT Day 58: I finally leave town and it starts to rain, and rain... and rain!

Miles: 12.4 Steps: 26,812 Elevation Gain: 2,574 feet Well, I woke up really rested. Makes sense, after two full and complete amazing rest days! Today, I was going to hike out. I waited until 11am, utilizing the full time I had my room, checked out, and was on my way. Didn’t see any hikers at all on the trail until I reached my destination, a shelter 12 miles in. There I meet Mapman and his wife and briefly Pancakes who bought chaco sandals to hike in but had never tried that before and so her feet got super tore up so she was headed Back to town... I set up my tent and I knew it was going to rain hard. Very hard. Flash flood warnings and heavy rain for hours predicted. It rained insanely hard. So hard! For so long! Before the shelter, and pretty much the entire night. Impressed by how my new shelter handled it. More insane rain predicted tomorrow. Also went past Fullhardt Knob Shelter. I mean, really?

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