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5/11/18 Day 292 AT Day 52: Dragon’s Tooth and Four Pines Hostel

Miles: 8.6 Steps: 26,766 Elevation Gain:2,425 Feet Another amazing day on the AT! Beautiful hike and hot day reaching 90 today, and a rock scramble down from Dragon’s Tooth. I left camp pretty early as I was feeling very high energy and excited. It rained a little bit last night. My water filtration system broke so now I’m enjoying unfiltered water! Gross, I just hope I don’t get sick. Dragons Tooth was absolutely gorgeous. Great weather, tons of Cliffs with incredible views, a cool peak to scramble to the top of the tooth itself, and a bunch of rock scrambling down for a mile or so was quite great! Toward the bottom of the valley I saw my first Rhododendron flowering. Been passing these plants so often on the hike, nice to see it’s beautiful flowers. I hit the road and walked the 1/4 mile or so to the hostel. Sweet place: huge yard with chickens and Guinea fowl, a large 3 bay garage converted into a bunk house, a working shower, laundry, shuttle to a gas station for beer and food, what else do you need? Well, there was one thing: a restaurant called Home Place that was all you can eat and really incredible! Home style cooking with ham, roast beef, incredible fried chicken, peas, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, Cole slaw, amazing biscuits with apple butter. Sooooo good! Our table of 8 seemed to eat a bit too much and many of us ended up laying on the grass out front for quite a while. We stayed up pretty late at the hostel having a few drinks and a good time! What a great day!!!

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