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5/8/18 Day 289 AT Day 49:  3.6 Miles!  What a great start back on the trail! Happy Birthday to Murph

Miles: 4.7 Steps: 14,263 Elevation Gain: 1,587 feet I talk, or I suppose write, quite a bit about Faith in Humanity and all the amazing things people have done to help me out on this trip. I’ve received so many kind gestures in so many forms that it’s really starting to change me as a person. I’ve been seeking more ways to give back or just be nice or go out of my way to do something cool for my fellow friends and hikers. A fun transformation in progress. Today was Murph’s birthday and let me be completely honest: she’s amazing! I want to go out of my way so she can have a special day. I cooked up hash browns and eggs Benedict today for her birthday. We bought the ingredients last night and I volunteered to cook. It was a bit of a rush bit turned out really quite excellent! Mmmm Next it was goodbye to the incredible hostel staff and a shuttle back to the trail. Thank you sooo much, best hostel I’ve ever visited possibly! Back to hiking! Good times for sure. So funny to only go 3.6 miles and then spend the whole day there, but also: why not!?? I packed out a cookie cake and candles and icing to write Murph’s name on the cake, because, again, why not? I rallied some hikers to join the shelter party and there were 7 of us in all. As Murph walked up I lit the candles and we sang happy birthday, then she made a wish and we ate the cake! Normal birthday protocol, but I’m the middle of the woods! Next we all lazed about and ended up taking the rest of the day off! We read, talked for hours, and had a magical time, as tends to be the norm out here.ahhh, how I love it so. Slept in the shelter after staying up pretty late reading. Oh, we also collectively listened to the first two episodes of My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast which was beyond hilarious. What a fun day! Excited for tomorrow!

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