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5/7/18 Day 288 AT Day 48:  20 mile slackpack!  4th(!!!) night at Angels Rest

Miles: 20 Steps: 48,444 Elevation Gain: 3,996 feet Great breakfast today of scrambled eggs and bacon that I cooked up for myself, Taylor, and Murph. Very enjoyable, to say the least! Next up we were driven on a beautiful scenic road next to a rushing creek to start the slackpack back to the hostel. Beautiful hike, first climbing to the top of the ridge then a very long ridgewalk before dropping down into Pearisburg. I ran into 2 section hikers: Ragnar and Muffin Man who gave me some awesome trail magic, thank you so much! Also big thanks to Hiker Haven by cutting me a huge deal on slackpacking since I organized a bunch of food in the fridge and the hiker boxes. You guys are so awesome! Amazingly so! I made a huge taco salad dinner that was super tasty. I ended up sharing with Taylor and Murph, my new best friends, apparently. Hiking is so funny. I’ve run into both of them a couple very brief times on the trail and now we finally got a chance to hang out and we’ve really hit it off. Hoping to try to hike with them for at least a couple of days to get to know them better, we shall see how it works out. I received a patch today since I stayed so many nights at the hostel! Haha, pretty hilarious! Thanks so much! Going to be hard to leave this place tomorrow.

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