5/6/18 Day 287 AT Day 47:  Day off #2 at Angel’s Rest Hikers Haven

Miles: 4 Steps: 9,001 Elevation Gain:n/a day off Tried to sleep in. Failed. I was tired from a late night. Hung out all day, Chinese food was good. Murph and Taylor arrive: they’re so fun! Margaritas at Mexican place for only $5 and they must have been 32 oz or more: enormous! Going slackpacking (hiking without a backpack) tomorrow with Burn, Murph, and Taylor. Stayed up pretty late hanging out and had a couple of beers. Had some great conversations with Murph as we watched Lord of The Rings. We stayed up pretty late and had a great time. Love it here so much, awesome that I’m staying another day too! Jack Rabbit’s parents set up Trail magic which was so nice! Beers, sodas, and a whole bunch of snacks and food: thank you so much!!!!!

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