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5/3/18 Day 284 AT Day 44: Fire!  And a beautiful campsite at Pearis Cliffs

Miles: 22.6 Steps: 46,283 Elevation Gain: 4,261 feet Another amazing day! Craziest moment: I was hiking with Chili Dog chatting about this and that and we come upon a tree that was on fire! Right next to the trail, with a blaze on it even. We poured some water on the fire and laughed a bit: neither of us had ever randomly come up on a tree on fire! The reason for the fire: there was a 1,500 acre controlled burn very close. So close, in fact, that a couple miles of the trail was closed and required road walking around it. Wind must have carried some embers to light the tree randomly. Smoky air all day made for lacking views, but the hike was still quite nice. I ended up arriving at a beautiful view point late in the day. I assumed everyone I’d been hiking with was just a short walk down the trail, but I decided to stay at the viewpoint! So beautiful!

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