5/2/18 Day 283 AT Day 43: 80 degrees, a store, and an amazing waterfall poorly named: Dismal Falls

Miles: 20 Steps: 42,767 Elevation Gain: 3,989 feet Another GREAT DAY on the trail. A warm, sunny day with moderate terrain. Practically raced 18 miles to a road with a store only .5 miles away. I dropped my pack and jogged the .5 to the store with Chili Dog. Nice softer gravel surface made the rare jog feel great. I picked up some tasty beverages right quick and headed Back to my pack, safely guarded by Red Coat. Next up: a trip to a beautiful waterfall and swimming area called Dismal Falls. Gorgeous! A chilly but super refreshing swimming hole was fun to dunk in. The next few hours consisted of sun bathing, swimming, having a couple of tasty beverages and enjoying the company of my fellow thru hikers. Ahhh, living the Dream feels so good!

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