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4/30/18 Day 281 AT Day 41: sunny, lots of climbing, beautiful ridge walking

Miles: 21 Steps: 47,900 Elevation Gain: 6,400 feet Faith in Humanity: Met some amazing hikers today, got to know others better! Sounds small, but being around so many kind individuals really does give faith in Humanity... Another great day! Left camp a bit late and climbed a mountain 800 vertical feet straight out of camp. Had a great break with a bunch of hikers I hadn’t met, then a huge 7 mile climb to a beautiful bald summit with a fire wardens cabin converted into a shelter. I hung out for quite a while, ate a ton of food, then continued onwards! Camped randomly on the ridge line with Franklinstein, Fly Balls, and Red Coat. Great to chat with them and go to sleep. Very tiring day. Beautiful, but exhausting!

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