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4/26/18 Day 277 AT Day 37: Hike with Roy, Mt. Rogers summit, Feral Ponies!

Miles:12.6 Steps: 30,114 Elevation Gain: 3,899 feet Faith in Humanity: Roy is an amazing friend! Hopefully it’s much less than 11 years the next time I see you buddy!!! Every day is so amazing! Today: superb yet again! Woke up to some beautiful sunshine! I quickly packed up and Roy drive me back to the trail where I’d left off. He hiked with me for a couple of hours. The AT flattened out before the summit. Roy was going to turn around until I proposed we climb the mountain and go off of the AT. He agreed and up we went! I could talk to Roy forever. He’s a wealth of knowledge and can discuss a wide variety of topics. We hiked together for several months on my thru hike in 2007 and it’s like we never missed a beat. It was a bit sad to say goodbye as we drank by a nice spring. I hope to see you again soon! I climbed the highest peak in Virginia! It was super bright green and beautiful at the top and only a half mile from the AT. I also saw feral ponies today! Very close! One was pretty relentless and licked many peoples legs and such. Sadly, a result of humans feeding them. Then, at sunset there were 7 ponies near the shelter where 15 people slept and I camped very close. I fell kind of awkwardly after slipping on some rocks and got mud in my eye which was weird. One pony cane directly up to my tent. He/she even smelled right up on the edge. I yelled “go away pony” pretty loudly and it ran off. Thankfully, none came back during the rainy night. Fun time camping with Knotty Boy, Ducky, 2 brits, Lodi Dodi, Cotton, Ion, Natalie and Knots. And others who I can’t recall this second. Great times shared. Ahh, so fun out here!!!

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