4/25/18 Day 276 AT Day 36: Trail Volunteer work near Mt. Rogers

Miles: 4.4 Steps: 13,164 Elevation Gain: 746 feet Faith in Humanity: So great to get outside and do some volunteer work with two amazing ladies! Thanks for having me!!!! Another great day. I met up with Anne and Marcia at 8:30 and we hit it off! Great ladies! Anne is very dedicated to volunteering and has been helping out the trail for 15 strong years! We cleaned water bars, shifted some poo in the Privy, gathered duff, and enjoyed each other’s company for 5 or so hours. It rained a bit but what can you do? We also chatted up some thru hikers which was really nice, as always! Thank you so much for letting me do some volunteer work, learn a couple things, and meet two great individuals! After volunteering I headed to Roys house and we essentially hung out until 1am having great conversation! I really love Roy! A great conversationalist, highly intelligent, extremely well read, funny. The man doesn’t shower and is as clean as can be! A master carpenter, highly skilled outdoorsman, and just a great guy! You’re the man!

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