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4/19/18 Day 270 AT Day 30: A full day of volunteer trail maintenance

Miles: 8 Steps: 19,091 Elevation Gain: Not sure! Faith in Humanity: Thanks so much for having me on the trail crew! Such a pleasure meeting everyone and working alongside you! Great day of volunteering! We cut down trees, cleared blow downs, de barked trees to be used in future trail projects and generally had a good time! Apparently hiker participants are way down in recent years even though Trail usage is way up. Sad! I made sure to chat with all the passing they hikers throughout the day. Trying to lead by example out here for trail maintenance! We cut trees, spent a lot of time removing the bark from trees, hauling huge trees down the trail, and having a good time. Afterwards, I met Genesis and Drop at the hostel, a very nice couple who chatted a lot about what it’s like to work at a carnival which was quite interesting. For my trail work I was rewarded with 3 patches and a bandana! So nice of the Eastern Tennessee trail crew and ALDHA, thank you so very much! Bob Peoples and Jim the ALDHA president hung out with us hikers for a while which was great conversation! Thanks for everything! Ahh, another great day in the life!

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