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4/18/18 Day 269 AT Day 29:  Moreland Gap Shelter to Kincora Hostel and Bob Peoples

Miles: 6.7 Steps: 15,684 Elevation Gain: 1,217 feet Faith in Humanity: Bob Peoples is an amazing man! Thanks so much for everything you do! I slept in today which felt glorious then slacked a bit on leaving camp. I had a short day of just under 7 miles. I stayed in the Kincora hostel in 2007 on my Southbound thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. I remember The owner Bob Peoples being super inspirational, full of amazing takes of worldwide travel and just awesomeness in general. I returned today for more of the same! Bob told me of his travels on numerous Caminos in Spain, Portugal, and France. Also the Jesus Trail in Israel. Also he’s a very dedicated trail maintainer with many thousands of hours volunteered. He’s being inducted into the AT hall of fame. He’s hosted over 24,000 hikers! You get a shower, laundry, a ride to town and a basic place to stay for only $5! Great deal! The sad part? Most hikers don’t come because the bunk house isn’t fancy, there’s no WiFi, no cell service. It’s an amazing place though, sad that so many skip it! I was amazed to be the only Hiker here tonight. Bob took me into town to eat and grab some groceries which was really nice. He said he was going to do some trail maintenance tomorrow and I asked if I could join. Super excited to go along tomorrow! I stayed up late finishing “North” by Scott Jurek about his record AT speed hike in 2015. Great book. He really loved and respected the trail.

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