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4/17/18 Day 268 AT Day 28: Station Hostel at 19 E to Moreland Gap Shelter

Miles: 20

Steps: 42,017

Elevation Gain: 5,463 feet

Faith in Humanity: women at shelter were day hiking and gave us hikers a few chocolate chip cookies they freshly baked! Thank you so very much!

The Station was sweet, but the super springy mattress (was it a mattress or a box spring?) cut a hole in my pants. Oh well, the owners were super nice and even gave me a ride to the Trailhead at 8am.Really cool waterfalls today, particularly enjoyed Jones Falls. I felt a bit slow today but the terrain was supposedly easy.

Looking at the over 5,000 feet of Gain I’m not so sure.I got to the shelter pretty early but started reading a bunch and ended up staying. Camped with great peeps: Webster, Patches, Sprout, Oven, Blaze, Declass, Bacon, Crash. Good times! Bacon was generous and shared a bit of magic around the fire. Super excited to see Bob Peoples again tomorrow and stay at his place. Hope he’s around!

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