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4/11/18 Day 262 AT Day 22:  Little Laurel Shelter to Hogback Ridge Shelter

Miles: 23.7 Steps: 53,508 Elevation Gain: 6,153 feet Faith in Humanity: Badger, a hiker at camp gave away a ton of food to a bunch of hikers: THANK YOU! Another beautiful day out here! Really seemed like I had the trail all to myself for the most part.Amazing views too! Sunny and awesome. Rocky trails, cool mountains, Spring is starting to actually spring and things are really very green in some areas. You know, living the Dream, really. Listened to quite a bit of music today which made me happy. Met cool people at camp: everyone is new since I did 20 miles today. What else to say, really? I’m tired! I’m happy! Another great and exhausting day climbing mountains.

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