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4/10/18 Day 261 AT Day 21:  Hot Springs, NC to Little Laurel Shelter

Miles: 20.2 Steps: 45,256 Elevation Gain: 6,921 feet Faith in Humanity: I tried to do my part today and gathered a ton of firewood for the fire and gave a birthday gift of candy to someone at the shelter: Happy Birthday! Paying for the hotel was a bit challenging for me. I needed cash but my card was declined at the ATM which was weird, and I couldn’t call my bank because there’s no cell service in town! A bit frustrating but then he said he took checks and I brought one just for this occasion! Stopped by the Post Office quick and mailed a few excessive items home that I’d been carrying for 3 weeks! Haha. Beautiful day today with clear skies and sunshine. Big climbing day! Almost 7,000 vertical feet gained which is pretty crazy! About 2 miles from my final destination it sounded like a bomb went off. Huge gun shot, I guess??? Weird. All new people except for Pete, my German friend. Great to chat with everyone, really had a good time! Ahh, so fun to meet so many cool people, I really love it!

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