4/9/18 Day 260 AT Day 20: Into Hot Springs, NC

Miles: 9.6 Steps: 26,520 Elevation Gain: 1,389 feet Faith in Humanity: Thanks to Elmer at Sunnybank Inn for providing such an amazing stay for such a good price! Still raining a bit on wake up. Got out of the tent, packed up a ton of wet items and hit the trail. Town today!!! Yay! The 10 miles seemed to drag a little, bit it was drizzling for quite a bit of them so I suppose that’s why. Upon arrival in town I was looking for my hiking friend and wasn’t sure if they were ahead or behind. I went to the grocery store to buy fold to make it to the next town. Met up with my friend immediately afterwards, nice! Checked in at the Sunnybank Inn which I had really fond memories from my previous hike. Oldest house in the town, and for $25 you effectively get your own rom with shared bathrooms which is awesome! For $12 more you get an incredible dinner! Soup, amazing and huge salad, main course of this spinach and bread combination thing and lime pie for dessert! What a great deal, thank you! Also took care of other town errands, like laundry, going to the outfitter to buy a couple pieces of gear, buying a bit more food, etc. Also nice to dry out some gear and do some organizing. Hung out for a bit but really ended up going to bed fairly early.

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