4/8/18 Day 259 AT Day 19: Such a beautiful snow coated forest with great views!!!!!

Miles: 16 Steps: 34,014 Elevation Gain: 4,166 feet Faith in Humanity: Church group cane out on a freezing cold day to give out hot dogs, soup, soda, snacks, and kindness. Thank you so much, totally unexpected on a day like today! The view out of the tent was gorgeous with new snowfall, but brrrrr it was cold! Hard to get out of the sleeping bag on days like today! Eventually forever myself to get up and get out. My pack was concerned in snow and ice. So cold to put on, but certainly didn’t come out here for things to always be easy! I couldn’t believe that after a few miles there was trail magic! The people were so incredibly nice and generous with the soup, hot dogs, soda, smiles, and general positive attitude. Thanks a million, you guys are amazing for coming out on such a cold day! Views were just astounding! Fresh snow cover immediately following a storm is the best! I was delighted by every twist and turn! Max Patch was particularly beautiful. Nice to chat with day hikers, as well. I fell asleep while taking a break for quite a while today. Guess I was tired! Pretty rare for me to do that, but whatever. Camped with Natalie, Mr. Peanut Butter, Louie, Short Legs, Bird, Tarzan and his dog, and the other guy without a trail name whose name I always forget. Fun to chat with them for a bit before getting on my tent as it started to drizzle a bit. My sleeping bag is quite wet, hope I don’t get too cold! Town tomorrow: Hot Springs is only 10 or so miles away!


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