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4/7/18 Day 258 AT Day 18: Out of the Smokies and into some snow!

Miles: 14.9 Steps: 33,572 Elevation Gain: 4,947 feet Faith in Humanity: Someone left bags of cookies and some sodas at a Riad crossing! Thanks!!! Another amazing day on the AT! Since yesterday was so long the initial goal was to sleep in. Did work for a bit but ended up waking up pretty early regardless. Hung out and ate some breakfast chatting with Macgeyver who was pretty cool. Someone dropped by and handed Energy a Snockers bar too which was cool. Trail followed a beautiful stream and series of waterfalls before crossing I-40. Quite the contradiction. Opted to skip the hostel. This is so different from my previous AT thru hike. Before, we went to EVERY hostel just about. Now? I kind of try to skip them in an effort to save money. They’re so fun and the characters running them are great, but it always seems to drain the wallet. Besides, I always tend to carry too much good anyway! It started raining and was pretty cold. Ended up calling it a day fairly early as it was forecast to snow. Decided to camp at a spot just off the trail. It was nice to relax, hang out in camp and enjoy the day in the warmth of the tent. Super good times, in fact! It was snowing pretty hard when I went to sleep, but not accumulating much.

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