4/6/18 Day 257 AT Day 17: A marathon to Davenport Gap Shelter

Miles: 28 Steps: 63,964 Elevation Gain: Strava Knows Faith in Humanity: Met a bunch of new hikers on the good ol’ AT! Lesson learned today: sometimes you have to overdo things to know you overdid them. First marathon of the trip! First night hike to a shelter! So many beautiful views in the Smokies today. Narrow ridge lines and so many view points! It also snowed today! And the last few hours it rained fairly hard... and the shelter was full when we arrived at night and campsites were pretty (very) nonexistent. Overdid it a bit. Tented, life very very good. Rain very very much the entire night! One sign at a viewpoint today in Great Smoky Mountains National Park said “Control your Children” which I found quite amusing and repeated the phrase several times throughout the day.

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