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4/3/18 Day 254 AT Day 14: Beautiful Ridge Walking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Double S

Miles: 19.8 Steps: 47,355 Elevation Gain: Strava knows Faith in Humanity: Met a ton of great people! What a fun day! Amazing peeps and good times! I’m amazed that pretty much every person is asleep and it’s not even 8:45! There’s probably 40 people camped here, thus the big surprise everyone’s asleep. No one started a fire though as it’s real windy and a couple of people parked their fancy $600 dyneema tarps pretty close to the fire place! Brave! Didn’t get much sleep last night: full shelter. In the Smokies you’re supposed to sleep in the shelters and when they fill you set up your tent outside the shelter. Lots of tents here! You also have to hang anything that smells including your pack (although a lot don’t) on the preinstalled hang cables. Usually you can camp pretty much wherever you want though most do choose to camp near shelters to enjoy the typical water, fire pit, perhaps some benches or picnic tables and of course the shelters themselves. Pretty posh out here, really. Hiked with Bridget quite a bit today. We, and hopefully some other hikers are going to go into Gatlinburg and I guess Pigeon Forge to go Bungee jumping! It’s a bucket list item I’ve never done and it’s only $20! Will take some work to get to I think though, haven’t had any cell service to surf the web and research but we confirmed the bungee by phone! Met a great Hiker named Strawberry Milkshake who was great to talk to. He shared that he sang a solo in his 6th grade chorus class and that he lived in Chicago most his life. So fun to share obscure things with strangers right off the bat! Really helps the bonding process.

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