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3/30/18 Day 250 AT Day 10: Back on the trail and over two balds!

Miles: 13.5 Steps: 30,528 Elevation Gain: 3,756 feet Faith in Humanity: huge thanks for breakfast and a ride back to the trail!!!! What a morning! One of those “Is this really happening????” Moments. I woke up and showered and was picked up, as described by the flyer at the hotel promptly at 7:15am and driven with a bunch of other hikers to a local church with an all you can eat pancake and bacon and OJ breakfast that was free! They even let us write letters to loved ones with our photos that they printed out! I sent mine to my grandma! So amazing. I also met this cool Hiker named French Toast; hope I run into her again! What’s more amazing is that I met this kind woman who made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! Her husband would bring me back to my hotel, wait for me to pack my pack and checkout, then bring me to the trail!!!! What? Thank you so much! Truly incredibly appreciated! Climbed a couple of big mountains today on the trail! First I went on a long side trail to visit a shelter, then climbed another side trail to climb to the summit of Siler Bald! Really pretty up there! Today must be my sunniest hiking day yet: maybe 40 total minutes of sun? I’ll take it! Next was another big climb to Watsh Bald. I stayed at the top for probably 3 hours, and met a ton of hikers I’d never met before. So fun! I hiked a mile farther and called at a crowded shelter and camp areas.we had a fire, food times and laughs were had and now I’m in my tent ready to go to bed. Probably will be quite chilly this evening!

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