3/28/18 Day 248 AT Day 8: Run to the town of Franklin, NC!

Miles: 16.7 Steps: 47,000 Elevation Gain: 2,757 Feet Faith In Humanity: Got a hitch into town in the back of a pickup truck pretty quickly all the way to our exact destination: Thank You!!!! Tons of condensation on the tent in the morning, woke up at 6:30 pretty much running to the privy! It was so foggy and dark I was worried I may not find my way back to my tent. It all worked out fun though and quickly I was out on the trail. Simple mission today: get to town! Some pretty big climbs that pretty much define the AT: go up fairly steep then go down fairly steep. Throw in a very minimal section of flat and repeat over and over. I caught up with Chad and he agreed to split a hotel room with me. We hiked on and off together and arrived at the road to Franklin together. We got a hitch in the bed of a pickup pretty quickly and were whisked the 12 or so miles into town. Thanks for the ride. Next up was the normal town things: shower, food, laundry, more food, resupply provisions to mane it to the next town. Pretty much a bit of walking around. This place was a bit spread out, but we found everything. Nice to have Chad as a partner in crime. Felt nice to relax in s bed! Ahh, town life is nice but the trail is better. I’m so happy I got all of my errands done today so tomorrow I can just lounge around and do as little as possibly and truly rest!

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