3/27/18 Day 247 AT Day 7: The sun doesn’t exist, but the fun does!

Miles: 21.6 Steps: 47,619 Elevation Gain: 5,883 Feet Faith In Humanity: Met a few new and friendly people today! So fun. Well, my first 20 mile day... started with a big, steep climb. I really enjoyed it! Walking through the clouds seems to be the theme of the trip so far. No distant views, but it’s truly beautiful being in the clouds. I was feeling good today so I figured why not just keep right on going and hike over 20 miles today? The first climb of the day was a super steep one, but there were also a couple of flat-ish miles thrown in which was quite nice! I was in an interesting mood when I arrived at the shelter and gave a bit of a comedy routine to the shelter dwellers. They said I should change my trail name to Stand Up.... nah, but that was a nice compliment. Found a nice flat campsite near the shelter and was quickly off to bed. Camped in a cloud! Trying to wake up early tomorrow to run to town!


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