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3/26/18 Day 246 AT Day 6: Up, down, but not flat

Miles: 19.7 Steps: 45,150 Elevation Gain: 5,291 Feet Faith In Humanity: Hungry and Thirsty are great people! So willing to share and cool! Thank you! Almost 20 miles! I can feel it a bit, I’m tired. I feel a bit dirty too but not so bad, just straight up and straight down. It didn’t rain all night and then at 6:30am it did a freezing rain/ice coat on the tent. Haha, what a way to wake up! Thankfully, the storm was brief and it didn’t rain again all day until right now as I write this ok my tent: a sprinkle turning into more at 10:00pm. I’m tired! Met a really cool family at the shelter that have been out here for 3 weeks or more, which is awesome! Such a scene at the shelter tonight with kids panning for gold, 3 dogs, lots of commotion; great times!

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