3/25/18 Day 245 AT Day 5: Walking in the clouds and more Trail magic!

Miles: 14.4 Steps: 33,506 Elevation Gain: Faith In Humanity: More Trail Magic! Crazy!!!! Rained on and off last night, woke up and slowly got ready: my AT strategy thus far... Walking in the fog/clouds today was really pretty. So many pretty trees. I feel like I haven’t spent an extended time in. The east for so long! I think it’s related to all the time I’ve spent in the desert recently. I’m just giving out trail names left and right: Cap Cap, Prancer, P-Dub, Dusk. So much fun! Unicoi Gap Trail magic: arrived with Prancer, but there were many hikers around. Husband, wife, and daughter were so generous! Providing hamburgers, hot dogs, baked potatoes, Mac n cheese, many varieties of beverages, and general awesomeness. Also, Bean and his wife, two former thru hikers were there providing magic too. So rad to have so much support from strangers! You’re awesome! Came at Cheese[cake] factory with couple from Ohio, P-Dub, Prancer, Dusk. Up above is statistic, Scsr Badger, and Savannah. Good laughs around the fire, lots of magic. Ranger came and was nice but honestly he really struck our whole group as quite odd! At one point he ran (quite fast and off trail!) to his truck to chase after some vehicles that passed. He also told us the regulations say you should eat food 50-100 yards away from where you camp or have a fire. Something close to 0% of people obey. Whatever. Really enjoyed the company around the fire?tonight, great peeps! Also met a husband and wife who are getting married on the AT: Hungry and Thirsty who were also quite amazing peeps! Thanks for the hospitality! Debating going into town tomorrow... not sure. Ooh the unknown!


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