Day 202: Grand Canyon day 9

Everything is really training for the next time. I think about this concept a lot. In Aspen, for example, when snow conditions were less than ideal you don’t just want to skip skiing. You want to go at it as hard as you can. So you’re ready. So you’re more than ready. What if the next storm is 4 feet of deep snow? Do you want to be able to charge it all day, or be huffing and puffing wishing you had trained more? And, while you do your best, but there’s always room for improvement. Applaud yourself for hard work, but always scrutinize and be honest about your weaknesses and where you can improve. Rafting we are training for the next rapid, the bigger rapid, etc. when hiking I’m training for the huge mountains to climb, the day it’s freezing cold and I need to keep moving all day to keep my body from freezing, to push 30 miles when needed. Just something I thought about today. Some other thoughts: I’m having a great time on this trip: the Grand Canyon is truly spectacular. But.... we sometimes seem to make some odd decisions. Take today for example: let’s wake up late and attempt our hardest Rapids and the most Miles in a day to go to an awesome camp. Oh, should we wake up really early instead for this task and set a time? Nope... Sweet Rapids today! Hermit was like a roller coaster of fun. The waves were easily 10 feet tall! (Not sure if I’m exaggerating or not here, it was crazy!) there were several challenging Rapids. We stopped and scouted each one, to elevate our fear a bit, then plunged on through. Rafting is pretty cool, I must say.

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