Day 197:  Grand Canyon River Trip Day 4: WOW: this is super incredible!

River Miles: 15 Wildlife: Lots of herons, mountain goats, lizards, oh my! Great day! Silver Grotto hike was so fun: slick rocks, swimming in pools, super beautiful. Pretty sketchy, too! We had to let Dace literally climb on us to get up the first section then use a rope for everyone else, had to swim through several pools, then the last place we made it we failed and plunged into the pool below. Good times! Amazing slot canyon though, so beautiful! Rowed my 2nd Rapid: kind of getting the hang of rowing, but it definitely hasn’t been coming naturally to me. Ahhhhh as we hit sunlight it feels so good that we’ll call our an angelic (at least attempted angelic ness)”Ahhhhhhh!” It can be really cold on the river. Almost fell off front of boat! Shawn lost his grip of an oar midway through a rapid and we hit a wave really weird which kind of launched me. Glad I had a good grip with both hands! Cooked dinner for the first time: Nice stir fry. We have been cooking some pretty complex dishes out here. In all honesty: it’s nice, but also pretty excessive. There’s also SO MUCH FOOD! An exercise in big eating at its finest. Great fireside chats: lots of laughter I did go in the river with dry suit partially unzipped again!!! But only for a second and it was pretty hilarious. Sometimes o really doubt I’ll ever learn some really basic things! We missed Great Cavern, haha! It looked really cool. Partially my fault too! I was rowing and got into a big eddy and had no idea what I was doing in general (so: it was a normal day!).

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