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Day 196:  Grand Canyon River Trip Day 3: I swim in the Colorado River and this place is amazing!

River Miles: 11 Steps: 5,540 Wildlife: Lots of herons, mountain goats, lizards, oh my! Faith in Humanity: really had a fun day with my fellow boaters: Shawn and Andrew. Haha, today started out a bit ridiculously! Breakfast of bagels and salmon with cream cheese, mmmm. I’m in my tent right now and it kind of feels like I’m on the river; my body so used to swaying around. Sea legs? River legs? Anyway, we did a swift water rescue drill: throw the rope bag at the swimmer. I gave it a try and bam, the damn thing slips out of my hand and goes into the river. I’m wearing a dry suit (good for staying warmer in cold water) so I just jump in to get the rope. One big problem: my dry suit wasn’t zipped at all! So I’m getting pretty cold and my whole suit is filling up with tons of water. Mostly hilarious and slightly dangerous. I get back to shore and everyone was like: take your dry suit off right now, you’ll get hypothermic... I try to take the neck off but I can’t: too much water in the thing! At this point I’m really not as cold as I thought I’d be. I was kind of annoyed at how much a couple people were freaking out a little with the “OMG: take it off” mentality. I knew I needed to. I also yelled for people to take photos and video. Hey, if you’re going to do dumb things you’d might as well document them well! Dave came over and held my feet up wheelbarrow style and the water comes gushing out. Pretty hilarious, with video to prove it! I changed my clothes and ended up delaying everyone probably half an hour. Oops! Beautiful canyon life today. So pretty! Narrow walls, amazing rocks, and a couple of enormous boulders in the middle of the river. This place is awesome in so many ways! We are making slow progress. Only 11 miles today, haha! I was able to sneak in a quick hike before dinner which was cool. Dinner was so much carnitas! So good! I’m so tired and it’s 9:39! Off to bed! Oh we did one of the scary rapids today: House Rock Rapids. It looks super scary from the scouting location but was super fun to ride through!

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