Day 166: 1/5/18  Long Drive back to the Grand Canyon!

Miles: 1 Steps: 2,517 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 100 oz. Faith in Humanity: Rich: Thank you! Lady who gave me buy 1 get 1 free at dinner: Thank you too! Well, sadly my time in Aspen was short! I had a great time there though! Honestly I would have stayed at least one more night but there was a snowstorm predicted to come in this afternoon and overnight and I didn’t want to rush a terrifyingong drive back to AZ in snow! I woke up and my knee hurt! This really worries me! This is my 7th Day in a row of doing almost nothing and it still hurts pretty badly! I tested it a little today attempting to climb the stairs of a fire tower and it hurt very badly! The drive was pretty but uneventful, only stopping briefly twice for gas. My plan was to Cache some water for when I continue my hike along the Arizona Trail. This meant driving back to the Grand Canyon and going to the Grandview Trailhead of the AZT. I got there and there was a huge lookout tower I knew I had to climb! I climbed most of the way, but my knee started hurting badly! Noooo! It hurt so much going down that I didn’t even Cache the water: sadly I don’t think I’m going to be hiking anytime soon! Damn! I’ll still be optimistic but shooting pain every step down stairs is definitely worrying! What am I going to do??? It’s hard to say. Below are some options I’m considering: 1)Find a cheap weekly hotel or hostel in Flagstaff and try to do absolutely nothing for a full week and that will hopefully heal me! Realistically this is what I’ll do, but I’m worried it’s going to take longer than just a week! And it’s hard to be restful without a car or kitchen really! 2) get a job at the South Rim and just take some months off from my hike. I’ll make money and heal up and hopefully do some trips in the canyon before continuing Walk The Parks! Tempting, very tempting. They offer super cheap housing and I could survive without a car. 3) Go home to NY for a couple of weeks (might do this, need to look st flight costs) 4) not sure! Hopefully I’ll heal up and continue on! Thing is I’m already on borrowed time since Winter in the West has been the driest in 60 years apparently so far. But if that changes I won’t be able to hike the Arizona Trail at all if its snowbound. At least I’m in one of my favorite places ever! I feel a bit of a fool just mailing so many things to NY then waking up the next day with severe knee pain, but oh well. Hopefully I’m overreacting and my knee will be back to 100% in a few days! Oh. I also listened to all 12 episodes of the first season of the Podcast Serial while driving today! Really enjoyed it!

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