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Day 164: 1/4/18  Day off meeting up with friends

Miles: 2 Steps: 5,279 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 100 oz. Faith in Humanity: Matt H, Shana, and Rih, and of course Katie: you’re all awesome! Thank you! A great day off! Organized some gear in the morning, went out to Lunch with Matt, John, and Doug who were all fantastic to chat with about my journey and some advice on my knee and cycling in general. Thank you! Katie also hung out for a bit and I was able to chat with her for 30 minutes or so which was great, you’re awesome Katie, thanks for taking the time! Next I hung out at a Rich’s for a bit and met up with Shana and Jed and Rich for a couple beers and dinner. So much fun! Jed and Shana are going to adopt me (sorry Mom!) And many other topics were discussed. Jed had to leave a bit early but Shana, Rich, and myself stayed for quite a long time and it was super fun! Love both of them! Great day!

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