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Day 163: 1/3/18  Long Drive to Aspen and done mini adventures

Miles: 1 Steps: 2,513 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 100 oz. Faith in Humanity: My good friends in Aspen! Thank you so much Rich! Well today went quite well. Woke up before sunrise and drive 9 hours straight only with 1 stop for gas. Pretty Drive through Indian reservations of AZ followed by a lot of Utah then into CO via I-70. I arrived In Snowmass Village around 3:30pm, picked up some stuff from my friend Melissa’s place then dropped of the bicycle (the main point of the journey) at Matt’s. Next I drove to Rich’s and showered, then got a haircut (ridiculously short buzz cut!), then went to see friends play Broom Ball. This is a sport I’d never heard of: you wear normal shoes on an ice rink and hit a small inflatable ball with a stick into goals. It was fun to watch and really nice to see some familiar faces! Hiking all the time has made my focus really much better! I wasn’t tired and could have even driven more in the end!

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