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Day 162: 1/2/18  Traveling But not by foot!

Miles: 4 Steps: 8,195 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 100 oz. Faith in Humanity: Gary was a super nice shuttle driver that I really enjoyed chatting with! Exciting times! I was a bit worried leaving everything unattended at my campsite, but it had to be done. Leave the campground to Take the bus to the waiting room to the shuttle to the airport back to the campground! Got a sweet 2018 Toyota with only 3,000 miles on it which is pretty crazy! I will attempt to be as careful as possible with it! It’s a cheap Toyota, but I averaged over 40mpg, crazy! Thankfully the road to the Grand Canyon was dry, unlike last time where it was snow covered and terrifying the whole way! I used my car to check out a bunch of view points on the rim which was pretty fun! Eventually I retired to the campground and prepped to wake up super early for tomorrow: my big drive to Aspen!

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