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Day 157: 12/28/17  Day 3 at The Bottom of the Grand Canyon: Nankoweap Style Relaxing Maxing

Miles: 0 Steps: 4,567 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 80 oz. Wildlife: Someone found a ring tailed cats tail on s Hike they went on and brought it back to camp. Faith in Humanity: My awesome neighbors were so friendly today! Thank you so much for your hospitality!!! Well well well, Day 3 at Nankoweap on the Colorado River. I’d venture a guess that not too many people spend three full days and nights here. I, trying to allow my knee to recover, did absolutely nothing again and it felt great: with no pressure to be ready I woke really slowly this morning. It was chilly so I just stayed in my sleeping bag and read for a good 3 hours first thing this morning. I finished Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey and really enjoyed the book overall. I definitely feel similar to Abbey in quite a few ways. He has such a love of the land, particularly the desert, but such a cynical outlook on how most people enjoy nature: very close to the comfort of theirs cars! Pretty interesting. Really enjoyed the book overall, this is the perfect setting to read such a book and I would definitely enjoy reading more of his books in the future. I found the tiny hole in my air mattress which is exciting but then instantly managed to lose my patch kit which is frustrating. Oh well, I marked the hole so life is good. Great time with my friendly camp neighbors today! Hung out and chatted some during the day, Pedro hooked me up with a little trail magic, and I got to sit in a camp chair while most of the party was out hiking. Have I explained how beautiful and perfect the beach is here? Light colored soft sand, no rocks, it’s perfect. So, what to do on a perfect beach? Lazily sunbathe, of course! I lazed in the sun for a number of hours and that too felt incredible! Shade hits early, about 2:45pm and it instantly gets much colder. I relaxed some more then headed to the neighbors, cooked my dinner, then they had leftovers so I got to have two rice and salsa and cheese and some veggies in a tortilla! Mmmmmm, so freaking good! Thank you! And a churro! So good, thank you!!!!! Next we played white elephant. I entered last minute, scrounging a couple of items from my pack to give away. What did I win? Initially a pack of hand warmers, but Dalia took those and I ended up with a smashed beer can necklace, which was pretty humorous. Dalia is so nice, wanting to share dinner with me and making sure I got a churro. You are very sweet, thank you so much! I wore the necklace for a bit but then amazingly accidentally dropped it into the fire. Maybe it didn’t slip, haha. Next we went all around the fire singing or speaking some rhyming blues lines while someone played a guitar. Tons of fun. Very cool and interesting people to hang out with for a couple days: can’t thank you enough! Well, I’m getting out of here tomorrow, on a raft! One of my stretch goals for this trip that I didn’t think could happen was to get on a raft on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and tomorrow I get a full 11 miles of it! Super stoked, kind of unreal! I also talked with the ranger down here for about an hour or so today. He’s super cool. I told him about my whole trip and he was quite encouraging. He’s quite the outdoorsman himself which is also great! He not only changed my permit, but said he’d get me a deal if I wanted to go back in after a couple days rest on the rim. Thank you fine sir!!!! Great chatting with you! Feel so lucky to be out here! I also had a revelation about Walk The Parks that got me quite excited as well.

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