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Day 150: 12/21/17  Day of Driving a Car in Snow: celebrate the difference, then more amazing Kanab h

Miles: 0! Day off-ish Steps: 2,609 Vertical gain: 0 ft. Liquid consumed: 140 oz. Wildlife: I did see one coyote on the side of the road which was neat Faith in Humanity: Lynn and Richard are really unbelievable! So nice and so accommodating! Lynn even baker some cookies for me to take on the trail! So nice! Today was certainly an adventure, but a bit of a scary one for a while! I woke up and did a bit more organizing and packing before heading to the lobby for breakfast. I housed a bunch of toast with butter and jelly, some muffins, some cereal and OJ! Continental breakfast never disappoints! I loaded up my enormous backpack with the 11 days of food and other absurdities and everything kind of fit! I had to strap some items on the back and side of my pack a la novice backpacker, but whatever, it fits! Definitely a reason I like to carry such a large capacity pack! If I had a smaller one I couldn’t even consider an 11 day food carry! I loaded everything in the rental car and started driving toward the North Rim. It had snowed overnight. Not a ton, but enough to accumulate a bit and the road climbed out of town into more snow. The road was snow covered for the next 120 miles or so! And guess what? The rental car was horrid in the snow! Literally the worst car I’ve ever driven in snow. Most of the reason was really bald tires. I drove extremely cautiously and survived the endeavor! Haha saying that in just a few sentences doesn’t do the stress level and scariness of driving so far on snow in that car justice. It was scary, I really thought I may spin out Ar get into an accident but thankfully it all worked out. At the South Rim of the Grand Canyon I went to the backcountry office and the gentleman there, Dean, was really cool. He showed me where I could store my bicycle, printed off my permit, sold me a good map, gave me some trail information and life was good! I jumped in my car, had about 40 more miles of scary snow driving then finally dropped below the snow line and had smooth sailing all the way back to Kanab. I stopped at Taco Bell in Page, AZ (#livemas) and arrived in Kanab about 4:30pm. Nice day of stressful driving but everything came back in one piece and life is good! Rental car place accepted the vehicle back, and I waited a few minutes for my ride! Richard and Lynn, the two trail angels I’m Staying with are so awesome and inspirational! Richard came and picked me up and brought me to their house, they fed me some awesome chicken enchiladas with a beer, Lynn baked me some cookies for me to take on the trip, and I hung out talk with both of them until 10pm or so. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are just what I needed at this point of my journey. I’ll do my best to pay your kindness forward to others in the future! One thing Richard and I discussed a lot was teaching. He was a high school English teacher, first for a number of years in Kayenta, AZ on an Indian reservation and then in Moab for quite a few more years. I really think I should try to be a teacher. After I got my MBA I thought for a while I was going to get a PHD and be a professor, but that never panned out. I’m thinking maybe High School business teaching would be really cool. I would like tot honk I’d be good at it and I think it’d be really rewarding, It’d also be so fun to start or expand an outdoor program at the school I work at. Some of this trip is for sure a search for where to possibly live in the future and where to work. Thanks for sharing so much, Richard, it was awesome chatting with you!

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