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Day 147: 12/18/17  Bike shop and ZION NATIONAL PARK!!!!

Miles: 28.8 (cycling) Steps: 16,203 (it really depends where I keep my phone while cycling! Vertical gain: 1,581 ft. Liquid consumed: 90 oz. Wildlife: Minature horse, goats, cows, dogs, all farm animals along the road to Zion Faith in Humanity: Matt H. picked up my bill at the bike shop which is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!!! Another interesting day on the journey of Walk The Parks! Woke up in the luxury of a hotel bed, packed up a bit and wandered down to the breakfast area. Had some Frosted Flakes, toast, 2 “omelettes” some bacon and a bagel with some OJ and of course a couple of pastries. Oh, the things I eat! I enjoyed a shower and placed all of my gear on my bike and hit the road: first stop is a 3 mile detour to a bike shop. I visited Over The Edge bike shop in Hurricane, UT and they were super cool and friendly. Fixed my broken spoke, rear brakes, shifting, gave me a spare tire and tubes, and put some sealant in the tires. All good things. They were even quite chatty too, which I of course always appreciate! My friend asked me what bike store I went to so I told him and you know what he did? Called in and paid for everything over the Phone! That’s extremely generous of you, I really appreciate it! Next up? Ride to Zion National Park! Beautiful ride with nice shoulders, cool towering canyon walls and a couple small towns thrown in for good measure. It was kind of warm, too! 23 miles later and I excitedly approached the sign entering the park! I was super stoked about arriving, 12th Park connected by human power! So awesome! I quickly rode to Watchman campground and found a spot among lots of big RVs. Ahhh the luxurious RV life looks nice, but I’ll happily take my little tent, too! I checked out the visitors center briefly then went back to my campsite and got set up, ate some dinner (Kraft MAC n cheese) and enjoyed the sun going down. I looked at the long term forecast and it is supposed to get SUPER COLD coming up. Thankfully my Winter sleeping bag is only 45 miles away, yay! I am trying to do a massive hike in the Grand Canyon over Christmas and New Years, fingers crossed the permit will work out! Tomorrow I’m going to take an easier day, but I still think it’ll involve 15 miles of cycling and a challenging 6 mile hike, haha. All good! Freaking Zion!

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