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Day 145: 12/16/17 Milford, UT to Cedar City, UT

Miles: 55.2 (cycling) Steps: 31,216 (it really depends where I keep my phone while cycling! Vertical gain: 2,340 ft. Liquid consumed: 140 oz. Wildlife: Cattle, sheep, a few of each along the road, some dogs Faith in Humanity: Everyone passed me on the road with courtesy. Thank you! Another day, another adventure! Woke up, packed up, ate breakfast, walked out into the cold and mounted my bicycle! First up: a fairly flat ride to the neighboring town of Minersville. Felt pretty good to be on flat terrain. I kept with my mentality to just spin the pedals and try not to push too hard. Save those knees! There was a 25% chance of precipitation today, and while clouds were present, nothing happened. Crazy drought in this part of the country so far this winter! Next up I climbed way up over the Wah Wah mountains for the last time on this trip. Really pretty and it never got too steep. Once I reached the top, I experienced the amazingness that bike touring can be: beautiful downhill for miles with a nice tail wind to compliment things. Down and down and down. Ahhh, it felt so good! Not horribly cold either so I was just loving things! Seriously, this is what it’s all about. Eventually the downhill ended and I had a few miles of flat, it started getting busier and before I knew it I was in Cedar City. A much bigger town than I’ve been in for quite a while, maybe since Grand Junction. The campground was closed, so I sought the cheapest hotel. I walked into one and it was $79. I asked for any discount and she brought it down $10, then suggested a cheaper place down the road. M Star, only $37! What a place! It actually was about as nice as things get for under $40. Sure, I could hear noise from the street pretty well, BUT the room was clean, nice, and I felt safe. Quickly I left to get some food! All you can eat $9.99 buffet!!! Yup! It was awesome, too: tons of items, full sushi bar, lots of desserts, the true American Dream! 7 plates and 4 soda refills later and I can only imagine what the nice Chinese woman thought of me going back for more after she’s brought the check. I know, kind of disgusting, but that’s about the cheapest calories per dollar you can get and that’s what I’m after! I love all you can eat buffets. Mmmmm! So amazing! What’s more disgusting than eating 7 plates of food? On the way back to the hotel I found a pizza place with $5 large pizzas, and decided to buy one! And I ate the entire thing before I went to bed! What? I don’t really understand either, you’re not alone!

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